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The team that makes it happen.

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Pike Romero

Creative behind Hip Hop blog WeAreBugginOut and local deejay, Pike is inspired by all the elements of Hip Hop and encourages fans of the culture to never lose sight of their local Hip Hop community.


Jocelyn Valencia

Passionate about dope content and experience curation, Jocelyn created JRECOGNIZE as a platform to share the voices of creatives and influencers of all backgrounds.  She is continuously inspired by the culture of Hip Hop, both as a poet and as a student.  

β€œThe diversity of the Tucson music scene explodes through Hip Hop, and it needs to be known.”

Pike Romero  |  Co-Director





Martina Dawley

Co-Founder and Co-Organizer of Neolgyphix (an aerosol art crew made up of Indigenous people with a deep rooted connection to community and culture), Martina has always been inspired by the social aspect and community in Hip Hop.


Deejays: Spencer Brummer

From performing with MC's to deejaying weddings, b-boy battles to radio, Spencer has been behind the ones and twos all across the board. He is constantly inspired by the music scene in Tucson because most do it for sheer love of the culture.


Rappers: Jaron Ikner

Founder of Chronicles - the longest running Hip Hop night in Tucson - Jaron has put together over 300 shows. Innovation and growth inspires him, alongside artists that push their own creative boundaries. 


Social Media: Odette Felix

Digital and Social Media Director of Dark Horse Media, Odette Felix has always been inspired politically charged artists. Kendrick Lamar, Solange, Chance the Rapper, and Killer Mike are amongst the artists that move her.


Digital Media: Julius Schlosburg

Full-time photographer and local Tucson drummer, Julius is engrained in the music scene. As a musician, he is always inspired by the musicality of Hip Hop - "that intersection between DJ, archivist, and traditional musician.


Sound Production: Frank Bair


Graphic Artist: Fernando Aguila

Fernando's mission is to become one of Tucson's go-to guys for graphics! His involvement with small local businesses, the local Hip Hop community and barber community has helped him achieve that. His clothing brand "Ohfishl" is heavily influenced by Hip Hop, as was his life growing up.


Volunteer Coordinator: Mariel Aquino

Her involvement with non-profits and attendance at local shows gained Mariel the light of a champion supporter. She resonates most with and is highly inspired by the dance and Hip Hop communities.