Q. When and where is the next festival?

A. The Tucson Hip Hop Festival is taking place February 24th, 2018. Location: The Block of 191 E Toole Ave.


Q. Where can I purchase tickets?

A. You can purchase tickets in advance on Ticketmaster here or at the Rialto Theater box office to avoid online fees. You can also purchase tickets the day of the festival.


Q. i'm an artist. how can i perform at the festival?

A. Submissions to perform at the 2018 THHF closed back in November. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated for 2019!


Q. What do you look for in ARTISTS when you're going through the artist suBmissions?

A.  Each element has specific ambassadors that are in charge of overseeing submissions and handle the selection process. There is no bias involved during the selection process. If you are dope, are consistent with your craft, and are original, you have a high chance at getting selected. *Disclaimer: we had 250 artist submissions for the 2017 THHF and anticipate more this year. Because we can only showcase a certain amount in one day, you gotta stand out to be selected! 


Q. Do you have to be from tucson, AZ to be able to perform?

A. No, you don't have to be from Tucson, AZ to be able to perform at the festival. Tucson artists are our first priority, however, we do welcome and select a handful of dope out-of-state and out-of-town artists! So, we encourage you to apply. 


Q. I'd like to get involved! How can i become a volunteer?

A. You're dope for wanting to help us out! Our festival wouldn't be the same without our volunteers. Click here to fill out an application form!


Q. I'm interested in becoming a sponsor. who do i contact?

A. Thank you for taking an interest in sponsoring our festival! We appreciate you! Click here to fill out the sponsorship form so we can start the conversation! If you'd like to reach us directly, send us an email at: sponsor@tucsonhiphopfestival.com 


Q. How can i get a media pass?

A. We appreciate you taking an interest in covering our festival! Please let us know what your medium is and shoot us an e-mail: Jocelyn@tucsonhiphopfestival.com


Q. Is this an all-ages event?

A. The Tucson Hip Hop Festival is an all-ages event, however we do recommend 13+. Listener discretion is advised simply because we don't ask our performers to "keep it clean."